Meet the FSN-Elite team

Gary Simon, CEO linkedin twitter
Gary Simon, CEO

BSc, FCA, FBCS CITP - Inspiring Digital Finance Teams

Michelle Fabian linkedin
Michelle Fabian

Group Financial Controller

Darek Olak linkedin
Darek Olak

Finance Director & Coach in Creativity and Innovation

Chloé Elliott linkedin
Chloé Elliott

Sub-Editor & Social Media Executive

Lesley Meall linkedin
Lesley Meall

FSN-Elite Feature writer

Meet the FSN-Elite thought leaders

Judith Sherling linkedin
Judith Sherling

FSN-Elite Moderator & Thought Leader

Mark Spicer linkedin
Mark Spicer

FSN-Elite Thought Leader & Blogger

Daniela Bensi linkedin
Daniela Bensi

FSN-Elite Thought Leader & Blogger

Chris O'Connor linkedin
Chris O'Connor

Financial Controller at Ghana Rae Gold Mines

John Fanuko linkedin twitter
John Fanuko

FSN-Elite Thought Leader & Blogger

Robert Marchello linkedin twitter
Robert Marchello

Explore Consulting - Bellevue, WA, Solution Architect

David Willcox linkedin twitter
David Willcox

Chairman at Cymdeithas Tai Cantref Ltd - Author

Ruhan Neethling linkedin
Ruhan Neethling

Finance Director Space Age Technologies

Vlad Soriano linkedin
Vlad Soriano

Finance & HR Systems Manager

Gary Cokins linkedin twitter
Gary Cokins

Founder and CEO at Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

Roger Fried linkedin
Roger Fried

Finance and Big Data Analytics Professional, Teradata

Darryl Bannon linkedin twitter
Darryl Bannon

Director at Darryl Bannon Consulting Ltd

Spencer Lin linkedin twitter
Spencer Lin

Global CFO Market Development Lead, Market Development & Insights at IBM

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