Do not fall into the trap of considering your primary area of competence area as a definite limit on your potential. Launch yourself into those activities where you can excel with a bit of effort. Enhance your career by focusing on anticipating needs and changing work culture. Working in the finance function provides a 360 ° overview of business performance. So what better place than Finance and what better time than now to bring about innovative change? 

Here are some tips. First of all, look ahead and be an “Active Listener” by identifying areas for improvement within your organization. Keep your ears open to capture the concerns that your colleagues express and the disruptions that customers complain about. Analyze the nature of these issues with a view to finding enterprising and robust solutions. 

Secondly, “Act with professionalism” and don’t be scared to roll up your sleeves and work collaboratively. By all means stick to your assignment but create an area where you can explore project issues more deeply and creatively. For example, involve key people by refining and experimenting with your communication style. Be consistent with your body language but take care to listen and think before you talk. 

Prepare a plan to move forward and make your manager aware that you have indentified an opportunity to improve the bottom line. Provide assurance that this extra commitment will not affect your current performance and, if necessary, ask for the green light to proceed. In no time at all you fostered a collaborative spirit. 

If you came this far it means that you have brought about a big change. How? Well to recap; 

  1. You have pioneered a new route to business growth
  2. You have stimulated a constructive competition between colleagues and forged a multi-dimensional team.
  3. You have also inspired the ‘back-benchers’ to get involved.

You have now killed three birds with one stone! 

  1. Oops, there is a fourth. You have increased the profit!

On the other hand, if you fail it simply means that you are still learning. Keep learning! 

And once you have mastered the dynamics of applying this approach, you can consider it as the lifeblood that feeds and reinforces the successful steps already achieved. 

So, are you ready for your next change? 

I am grateful to John Thompson for being my proofreader of this blog and to FSN for being a platform where I can share my thoughts and keep learning!

  • 2015-01-14 11:44:16
  • Daniela Bensi
  • Coaching Innovation, Company Culture, Change Management, Career