What are the priorities of the modern finance function?

To respond to this question we need to analyse what happened in the last 10 years and how the finance function is evolving to respond to new needs. .

There has been a radica... More >

  • 2015-12-14 11:23:14
  • Daniela Bensi
  • Finance Function of the Future, Change Management, Modern Finance

Businesses are automating - so why are audit fees so high?

Almost every week I see a press release or report from one of the Big 4 accounting firms urging businesses to improve efficiency through financial process automation, standardisation and innovation... More >

  • 2015-12-10 11:06:11
  • Gary Simon, CEO
  • ERP, Cloud ERP, Audit

Don’t you know what you don’t know?

What is a problem? In short, it is an issue which our logic cannot deal with. In a natural way, we tend to approach each question with methodical and logical way. We try to find th... More >

  • 2015-12-09 21:43:00
  • Darek Olak
  • creativity, problem solving, innovation, creative techniques, personal development

How do you climb a mountain that looks too tall to conquer?

If you have ever put together a business case for anything more complex than replacing worn brake-shoes on a car, then you have most probably been faced with very detailed investment evaluation gui... More >

  • 2015-12-08 11:02:42
  • Mark Spicer
  • Governance, Investment Evaluation, Business Case, Teamwork, Future of the Finance Function

There's no such thing as a fixed cost

In the dynamic, liberated economies in which organisations now operate it must be accepted that nothing is fixed anymore, at least, nothing that is long term. But even in this day and age we still ... More >

  • 2015-12-03 17:32:59
  • David Willcox
  • Accounting, Fixed Costs, Modern Finance

Why is the Annual Budgeting Process Broken?

How many people in your organization love the annual budgeting process? Probably none. The mere mention of the name “budget” raises eyebrows and evokes cynicism. It should. That’s... More >

  • 2015-11-30 14:10:43
  • Gary Cokins
  • Accounting, CFO, Budgeting, Forecasting, Planning, Modern Finance Agenda

Do you expect the unexpected?

Abraham Lincoln said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Usually we associate it with forcing one’s way into the desired future, and attribute it to grea... More >

  • 2015-10-20 13:23:08
  • Darek Olak
  • creativity, problem solving, innovation, creative techniques, personal development, Modern Finance, Future of the Finance Function

What are the three key elements to successfully managing a business transformation? Part 3: Leadership.

We need to distinguish the Transformation Leaders from the Transition Leaders, although both prepare the organization for a radical and energetic change, their objectives and approaches may differ ... More >

  • 2015-10-14 10:19:00
  • Daniela Bensi
  • Business Transformation, Leadership, Change Management, Innovation.

Does ‘one size’ really ever ‘fit all’?

The Australian Institute of Company Directors describes “governance” as encompassing the rules, relationships, policies, systems and processes, aligned to each organisation’s spec... More >

  • 2015-10-12 19:18:26
  • Mark Spicer
  • Governance, Transformative Management, Effectiveness, Efficiency

Experienced business professional, have you tried the NFP sector?

As I transition back into the commercial sector, I realize there is an abundance of seasoned business professionals in the commercial and government sectors; however, there seems to be a significan... More >

  • 2015-10-06 13:59:46
  • Robert Marchello
  • Non-profit, Not for Profit (NFP), strategy, business planing

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